Basket Cleaner XP

Basket Cleaner XP 1.0

To keep Windows running smoothly, it is recommended to keep...

To keep Windows running smoothly, it is recommended to keep Recycle Bin and temporary folders empty. Basket Cleaner XP allows you to clean that every time Windows start-up.

After that folders has been cleared, it is not required for Basker Ckeaner to remain in computer memory. During clean up process program does not display any pop up windows or dialogs, it does work in quiet manner.

Other advantage is ultra high speed of cleaning - there is no need in scanning the WHOLE drive to find something to delete. Temporary folders are detected using Windows environment variables TEMP and TMP, both user and system one.

(In Windows 9x there are no user environment variables, so program use only system TEMP and TMP). For example, on computer with Windows 2000 installed to C:\WINDOWS and user John logged on Basket Cleaner XP will cleanthe following temporary folders:C:\WINDOWS\TEMP - system temp folderC:\Documents and Settings\John\Local Settings\Temp - user specific temp folder.